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Ever wondered why we at Prodigy Lending have an unequaled presence in the United States? Easy, we joined the mortgage industry and were destined to conquer the rest and we are just doing what we know best. How do we go about it? No big deal. Our commitment to give our clients what they desire is the key to our success. We work with a group of well-groomed professionals who are as determined as ever to deliver to our clients the high-quality services they deserve. 

Our experts take their time to study the market, coupled with the current interest rates at Dallas, they make it their sole business to engage the client one-on-one and make sure that the loan that suits your expectations comes your way when you require it. Are you the first home buyer? Need to consolidate your debt? Or you need the refinancing of your existing loan? Worry no more. Prodigy Lending will take advantage of the low-interest rates on home loans in Dallas and our professional loan officers will make the whole process easier for you.

Several home loans are available at your disposal in regard to current mortgage interest rates in Dallas. Thus below are some of them;


Conventional Home Loans

The characteristics of conventional home loans are;

  • 3% down payment which is relatively low.
  • The mortgage terms are flexible. It stretches from 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.
  • In comparison with Federal Housing Administration loans, private mortgage insurance (PMI) in conventional loans are reduced.
  • With approved scores, the interest rates are relatively low.
  • Bearing in mind that other loans have lender fees, conventional home loans have none.


FHA Home Loans

FHA loans are equally cheap due to;

  • Low down payment of 3.5%
  • One can easily qualify for this product.
  • The interest rates are appealing combined with loan rehabs that are available under this program.
  • One needs a high debt to income ratio in order to qualify.


VA Home Loans 

Below are the factors which entice under this program;

  • Financing is 100% if you are eligible.
  • Mortgage insurance has been done away with.
  • Under this program, the closing costs are relatively lower.
  • The interest rates are simply the finest.
  • Coupled with all the above factors, it is easier to meet the requirements of a VA loan.


USDA Home Loans

This program is heavenly designed for you due to the factors listed below;

  • Financing under USDA is completely 100%.
  • As in comparison to other programs, the interest rate is low.
  • There is no down payment required whatsoever hence one should qualify for income and home loan.


Each and every organization has a decisive goal. What is ours at Prodigy Lending? We work hard towards imprinting a positive image with our clients thus necessitating lifelong affiliation which we attain by giving them marvelous services. Out of this, we have built a name that is trusted by all in the lending fraternity.

If you feel like engaging our services, contact us and we will never disappoint. Your information will always be a secret.

Visit our offices today or contact us at for more information. 


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