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It is the strong wish of many individuals to own personal home. Having your own home guarantees you the chance to live an independent life. The Prodigy Lending team is here to help fulfill your wishes. We deal with a variety of home loans and provide you advice on the best one that suits you without infringing your autonomy to make a sound decision. Our experienced team has the most valuable skills to serve your needs for a home. We know the visions of our people here in Dallas and that’s why we are here timely to serve you.

Types of home loans we offer in Dallas

FHA home loans

  • Pocket-friendly down payment 
  • Soft qualifications needed
  • Admirable interest rates
  • You can qualify even if you have a higher debt to income


VA home loans

  • Zero down payment needed
  • Free from mortgage insurance for Veterans
  • Closing costs cheaper
  • 100% financing for Veterans
  • Low rates that you can find no other for a government loan
  • Very easy to qualify


USDA home loans

  • 100% financing for rural
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Cheap home loan insurance cost
  • Ideal for country living

Conventional home loans

  • Low down payment of 3% down 
  • More friendly PMI compared to FHA loans
  • Low-interest rates with validated scores
  • Free from lender fees.


Interest rates

Home loan interest rates in Dallas vary depending on the type of loan that you choose but we assure you we offer very friendly interest rates. 

The mortgage interest rates we offer in Dallas also vary depending on whether it is a fixed rate or not. Fixed rates can be 30-year fixed rates or 15-year fixed interest rates.

Which is the best mortgage company for me?

We can safely avouch that we have been the best in the past eight years and still are, and will be the best. We are honored to have been awarded the Top Work Places in the past eight years. We do manage to achieve this just because we dig into improving our services to ensure the best delivery at each specific period. 

In addition, we have been providing award-winning services for the past 17 years. There is no need to gamble your chances of getting the services you need. The best assurance is based on statistics, grounding on this, researches has been done statistically on the company providing the best services where our performance has been outstanding in all ages.

It is very possible to get a home loan in Dallas. Be sure of being served with professionals who will guide you to get a home with the best interest rates in the market!!!

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