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With its ballooning population, Dallas is a ready market for mortgages. It is the ninth most populated city in America with millions of people streaming in from around the country and the world.

With such a wide market, home loans are given at very competitive rates that appeal to homebuyers. Homebuyers enjoy a variety of options when they intend to buy a home. Not only do homebuyers benefit from such a market, but lenders also have something to boost their business.

For many lenders, mortgages are a way to make profits while impacting their customers. They have a variety of plans that seem suitable to the buyer. Prodigy Lending is one such lender. They have a plan such as the 15-year fixed mortgage rate. 

Mortgage rates are fixed and decided upon considering the lifetime of the loan. A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage is a home loan with a repayment plan of 15 years. The borrowers or homebuyers agree. The lender wants a high rate to boost profit while the borrower wants a low rate to be able to make convenient payments.

Prodigy Lending has a team made up of mortgage professionals committed to providing their clients with the highest quality service for mortgage needs all over the United States. 

They have a variety of options in line with the 15-year fixed home loan.


 These loans are the usual loans that borrowers apply for, however, they cannot be used to finance or refinance a residential property. In other words, they are strictly for investment property. Conventional home loans require a down payment but no mortgage insurance.


This loan program is insured by the Government of the United States of America through the Federal Housing Authority. These loans are targeted to borrowers from low income and middle-income families. They have easy to meet requirements such as a social security number.   


These are government-insured loans through the Department of Veteran Affairs and is aimed at veterans, approved spouses and active members of certain units of the military. They require no down payment and are completely financed.


These are government-insured loans aimed at borrowers who would like to settle in the suburbs. 

Prodigy Lending aims at giving our customers the best service and we source for the best mortgage rates in the market for you. The ultimate goal of Prodigy Lending is to create a lasting relationship with each client to ensure excellence in their service delivery over the years. This mortgage has an edge over its competition in that their client’s information is kept safe. They have a trusted brand name in the mortgage world.

In line with our excellent service delivery, you can contact any of our team members or members of staff for more information or any clarification needed. You can reach us via call, our social media handles or e-mail which are detailed on our website. Moreover, you can visit our offices which are always open.

Visit our offices today or contact us at https://prodigylending.com for more information. 


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