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Prodigy Lending 15-Year Mortgage Rates in Ferris, Texas


The city of Dallas is very vibrant. With its large population, it ranks at number nine right after San Diego and before San Jose. It is the largest metropolis in southern America. It has very low unemployment rates, lower than the national average. With this in mind, it is not a wonder that Dallas is a piece of cake for real estate investment. 

In such a vibrant real estate market, owning property may prove to be quite difficult, not to worry, Prodigy Lending is here for you. At Prodigy Lending, our team consists of mortgage experts all over the United States and we have been in the mortgage for over seventeen years. Homebuyers in the Dallas area want the best, in terms of quality and quantity. At Prodigy Lending, we value our clients and ensure that their property needs are met since that is our top priority. 

A 15-year mortgage rate is quite expensive in terms of monthly payments due to the relatively short repayment period as compared to the 30-year mortgage rate plan. Buyers opt for the 30-year repayment plan since the interest rate remains constant throughout the repayment period and the monthly payments are lower. However, at Prodigy Lending, we encourage our clients to consider certain factors before deciding on a mortgage rate plan. 

It is important to consider job stability when deciding on a mortgage rate plan. If your job is stable, a 15-year mortgage rate plan is suitable for you. This is attributed to the fact that; you can pay higher monthly installments and you will be free of debt in a shorter period. 

As Prodigy Lending, we have products for everyone:

Conventional home loans

This loan program is suitable if you are looking to purchase an investment property.


This loan program may be called suitable for all. The requirements are easy to meet and one can apply for this loan program even if you have poor credit or bad credit history such as bankruptcy. 


This home loan program is available for veterans, approved spouses and active members of certain groups in the military. It has one hundred percent financing; no down payment is required and the requirements are easy to meet. 


The USDA home loan program is suitable for homeowners who wish to settle away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It caters to suburban areas and upcountry areas. 

At Prodigy Lending, creating a lasting relationship with our clients is important to us. Moreover, maintaining the privacy of your information is one of our main aims and we strive to keep your information safe. In case of any clarification required, you can reach us through our website or visit our offices.  

For any clarification required, feel free to contact us via e-mail, a call or drop by our offices during our working hours to speak to our team of professionals. 


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