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We are a revolutionary team of mortgage lending institutions in the United States. We offer expert services to our clients who need to finance their homeownership process. Refinance their existing loans and ensure they get the best loan programs with the best interest rates. We have a technical team of experienced mortgage professionals who not only are equipped with knowledge of the mortgage business they are ready and equipped to work with clients at a level best in engaging clients to meet their needs in the lending program. We seek to endeavor to offer clients with the most professional expert opinion on the best mortgage program to take for their disposal.

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Best and right mortgage for you

There are conventional loans and Government-backed Loans

Federal Housing Administration Mortgage (FHA)

This is an insured government loan hence secured for low-medium income earners. They have a low down payment- as low as 3.5%, attractive interest rate attractive credit score requirements, attractive debt to income ratio and they are easily accessible.

USDA Mortgage

These are also government-insured loans offered to rural-based residency. They attract a low credit score, no down payment, 100% financing and also easily accessible.

VA Home Mortgage

The Veteran home mortgage is available to the servicemen and veteran the US military. There is no down payment on this mortgage, there is also 100% on this mortgage, they attract low interest rate and easily available.

Ordinary Mortgage

The conventional loans are ordinary mortgages which are not government-backed. They are mostly insured by private entities. They attract low-interest rates, they are easily accessible, have an attractive low down payment, low debt to income ratio, mortgage insurance cost is however higher than the government-backed loans. They have an advantage of long-term repayment plans such as the 15 years fixed mortgage program, 20 year fixed mortgage programs and the 30 years fixed mortgage program making the conventional mortgage desirable because of the fixed interest rate.

Prodigy Lending has the best working places in the US

We are honored to have been awarded consecutively as the best workplaces in the country. We believe in a great working environment and we seek to keep having a good working environment.

We have a policy of providing the best services to our clients backed by several awards on the same for the last seventeen years. Please follow through for a swift pre-approval plan.

We make every best effort to have a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Our clients’ future is our best interest. For this sole reason, we endeavor to ensure our client information is kept safe with us. We are a firm of great repute in the mortgaging business.

We have a formidable team of experts at your service. Please engage us directly for a great working relationship. We look forward to this great relationship.

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