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Prodigy Lending was founded to offer the best quality mortgage solutions at reduced rates. We have a dedicated team of mortgage experts drawn from every corner of the US. Our main intention is to offer the best quality mortgage solutions that exceed the needs of our clients. Apart from carrying a variety of mortgage programs, our experts shall assist you to pick the best for your needs at low rates. Our programs respond to a variety of our clients’ needs. These include buying new homes, refinancing of their loans, combining their debts, and purchasing high-end properties. Our officers will hold your hand and help you in choosing the best mortgage program at the best rates.


We offer various kinds of mortgage solutions that are tailored to meeting the needs of our clients. These solutions are described below:


We provide an affordable conventional mortgage to clients with the best scores. The main benefits of our conventional home loans are that it’s offered affordable rates, low down payment, and a small amount of mortgage insurance. We don’t charge any lender fee for this program.


When you realize that your credit score is low, you may wonder whether you qualify for any mortgage. In case you’re in this situation, come for the FHA mortgage we offer. You can easily qualify for this loan, has a higher debt to income ratio, and are offered at low rates. You only require a 3.5% down payment to qualify for this mortgage.


The VA mortgage is designed to assist veterans and those actively engaged in military service buy homes. Among the highlights of this program is that we provide it at low rates, do not need any down payments nor does it require mortgage insurance. For more information about Dallas mortgage interest rate today on VA, call us today.


To decongest our cities, the federal government backs a mortgage program to assist people staying in rural areas. We offer the USDA loan at the best rate, low mortgage insurance, and total loan financing. If you’re looking for the best Dallas 30 yr rates, choose our USDA mortgage.

The Prodigy Lending team offers the best services to our clients to attract them for more mortgage services in the future. We are held in high esteem as we conduct our business professionally. All the information that you give us is not shared with any unofficial party. You can call us today and tell us about your mortgage needs. You can also reach us through interactive features on our site.

Prodigy Lending will offer you services that have won awards. For the best mortgage solutions with low rates, contact us today for a quote.


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