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Prodigy Lending And Mortgage Rates In Lancaster, Texas




Prodigy Lending is an organization that bridges the gap between the borrower and the lender by providing you, the borrower, with information on home loan programs such as FHA, USDA, VA as well as the conventional loans. 

There are major advantages of engaging a Prodigy Lending as a borrower:


Prodigy Lending has an experienced team spread out through the country in cities such as Dallas. Our team has a lot of experience in the mortgage industry as well as a proper understanding of the mortgage markets and the rates. Our business has been running successfully for over fifteen years, therefore, we are in the best position to advise you as a borrower on mortgage matters. Using the knowledge that has been gathered over the years, we can guide you on the most appropriate program for you thus reducing the losses that could have been caused by poor decision making.


Prodigy Lending reduces the great struggle of looking for a mortgage lender and comparing different mortgage programs on your own as a borrower. We also extend our services to help you meet the requirements of the loan program and advise you throughout the processing of your application. This greatly eases the process on you right from application to closing out of the mortgage. We do all this by briefing you on the different mortgage programs available based on your financial situation that meet your real estate needs without causing financial strain. For example, if you are in Dallas making an application for a home loan, you are likely to fill a physical form at the lender’s office while if you had engaged Prodigy Lending, you could have shared your documents from a remote location then we would file the paperwork and do the rest for you.


Prodigy Lending has a variety of home loan programs and has sourced the best mortgage rates for purchasing and refinancing your property. As experts in this field, we can look for and negotiate for better rates than those you could find in the real estate market for a mortgage. We have home loan programs such as the VA home loan program for veterans, active military members and approved spouses. USDA programs for people who like living in the suburbs and the countryside. FHA home loan programs for those who do not have a great credit history but would like to be homeowners and conventional home loans for those who would like to buy property for investment purposes. 

In summary, engaging our services as Prodigy Lending eases the process and helps you enjoy the process of becoming a homeowner through purchase or refinancing. 

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