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The main aim of the Prodigy Lending Team is to provide high-quality mortgage solutions to all our clients. We offer our services through a team of committed mortgage professionals who come from every part of the US. Our intention is to provide mortgage solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. We provide different kinds of the mortgage at affordable prices. Our professionals will assist you to find out the best mortgage solution you require to satisfy your needs. We offer solutions that meet various wants of our customers including buying of houses, refinancing of mortgages consolidating of loans, and acquiring of premier properties. Through our officers, you’ll be supported to discover the best mortgage that you require at affordable prices.


In case you’re looking for the best mortgage solution, contact Prodigy Lending Team. We provide various mortgage programs that are meant to satisfy your wants. The following is a list of home loan programs that we offer:


We provide the best conventional home loan that has the following features: Easy to qualify for those with high scores and impeccable credit history, small down payment amount of 3%, and excellent loan terms. Our conventional mortgage does not attract any lender fee.


We provide an FHA home program that has the best rates, a low down payment amount, a higher debt to income ratio, and a repair loan.


Due to the excellent service, the military offers to our nation, the federal government supports them to own homes through a VA loan. We offer this loan with low-interest rates, zero down payment, no mortgage insurance, and controlled closing costs. If you’re in need of a 30 year fixed mortgage rate in Dallas, select this home loan.


The government backs this loan to support people living in rural areas to own homes. We offer this loan with various features including small mortgage insurance, no down payment, and total funding. For the current home interest rates in Dallas, contact us.

We always aim at building strong ties with our clients by providing them with the best mortgage solutions. Our intention is to enable clients to come to us again whenever they’re in need of mortgage products. We keep all the information that clients furnish us with and we don’t share it with any unauthorized entities or individuals. We have the best name in the lending industry because of our high-quality services and products. Contact us today to speak to our professionals about your mortgage needs.

Prodigy Lending is an award-winning team that will offer you the best mortgage solutions at fair prices. Feel free to contact us for a mortgage quote.


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