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Wherever Prodigy Lending has a presence in the United States, we serve as community-based and mortgage focused lenders dedicated to housing citizens of different categories. To achieve this, we put a strong emphasis on making the cost of borrowing easy on borrowers through well-structured interest rates and closing costs. This has been our objective to provide affordable mortgage funding for all classes of citizens as long as they have some stable income to own homes. Through programs like the 30-year fixed mortgage rate in Dallas and the Dallas 7/1 arm rate, we provide the lowest mortgage rates possible with an equally very low monthly payment for the lowest earner to pay comfortably. 

We Have the Best Low-income Home Loan with Matching Low Rates

FHA Mortgage Loan

    1. The federal rate at 3.5% Down Payment 
    2. Easier qualification rules
    3. cheaper Interest Rates
    4. Rehab loans available 
    5. Strict enforcement of Debt-to-Income ratio 


USDA Rural and Suburban Home loans

    1. 100% financed  and zero Down payment
    2. Affordable Insurance cost 
    3. Cheap Interest rates
    4. Must satisfy Income limits and Home location requirements 


VA Home Loan Program

  1. 100% Financing for Veterans
  2. Mortgage Insurance waived
  3. Cheaper Closing fees
  4. Qualification for Veterans only

Conventional Mortgage Loan

    1. Competitive 3.0% Down Payment 
    2. Better PMI over other Loans
    3. 10, 15, 20 and 30-year package options
    4. Comparatively good Interest Rates 
    5. Lender Fees waived


Low mortgage rates will naturally pull more clients to you and when in, few will want to leave staying on for more funding options after the first one. Our mix of mortgage rates including the fixed term rate plans like the 15 year fixed mortgage rates in Dallas and the Dallas 5/1 arm rates among others has helped many homebuyers manage their loan obligations well. We also value our client’s trust and especially in their privacy protecting their sensitive records entrusted to us.

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Our Mortgage Rates are Designed for Affordability

Our first priority is making our home loans affordable to all citizens desiring to own a home for their family. To make this possible we critically look at the levels of interest rates charged on home loans with a view to reducing them to the barest minimum. Generally, we take into account daily mortgage rates performance in the market and from experience are able to design very low and market-responsive current home loan rates in Dallas. We apply this to all our home purchase loans and refinancing loans to make it possible for many to get funding.

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