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Mortgage rates change daily. They vary depending on the borrower’s situation e.g. credit score.

The 30-year fixed mortgage loan is the most common arrangement for homebuyers. The payments are spread out over 3 decades thus one can afford a larger loan. This plan provides a flexibility that is lacking in other arrangements (15-year fixed and 5/1 ARM).

The 30-year fixed mortgage has; constant interest rate through the 3 decades, principal payment and interest payment.

Just as its name, the interest rate is fixed and a borrower pays the same interest amount and principal no matter what happens, even inflation. 30-year mortgages have higher interest rates than 15-year plans. 

If a homebuyer plans on keeping the house in the long run, this plan is best.

The 30-year mortgage provides room for flexibility. You can make extra payments to the loan when possible or make smaller payments when needed. 

Prodigy Lending aims at creating a lasting relationship with each of our clients that they may continue to provide excellent services for many years to come. Prodigy Lending has a name that is trustworthy throughout the lending community, known by both buyers and lenders.

Prodigy Lending has a variety of mortgages suitable for the 30-year plan.

CONVENTIONAL HOME LOANS in this plan, they have a low down payment, i.e. 3% down on conventional loans. In comparison, they also have a lower PMI than FHA loans. 

Prodigy Lending have low-interest rates using approved scores. As an added advantage, they also have no lender fees.

Qualifying for a 30-year mortgage is easy. To qualify for a loan, one must have a good credit score. First-time homebuyers, depending on their credit history, can easily qualify for this plan.

With a longer repayment period, the same house would require larger payments if it were a 15-year or a 5/1 ARM plan. This means smaller payments. With smaller payments, more money remains in your pocket. Thus you can pursue other needs, e.g. fitness or mountain climbing. 

Prodigy Lending is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality service for mortgage needs and so their team consists of mortgage professionals all over the United States. Their professionals have years of experience and will work with you to ensure you get the home loan that is specific to your situation and expectation. Be it that you are purchasing your dream home, first home, refinancing an existing loan, or consolidating debt, their loan officers can help you find the right loan program at the lowest rate possible. 

To speak one-on-one with an experienced mortgage professional, it is as easy as giving them a call. They also have interactive tools offered throughout the site. 

Do you want to purchase a new home or refinance to a different mortgage plan? Find the right mortgage loan for you at Prodigy Lending. 

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