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Welcome to Prodigy Lending. Here we have assembled a team of skilled mortgage specialists in the entire United States. Our desire is to provide our clients with outstanding quality services in matters of the mortgage. Our professionals harmonize today’s mortgage interest rates in Dallas and work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure that the home loan you acquire conforms to your current situation as well as your expectations.

It could be that you are raring for a home of your dream, you want to consolidate your debt, a refinancing of that existing loan or you desire a first home. We are the save hands that can make it a success for you since our able team will escort you through this tricky field and make it easier for you as we will always take advantage of the low-interest rates on home loans in Dallas and leave you smiling all the way to your new home.

In order to maximize the current home interest rates in Dallas, below are the programs that will guide our clients as they work towards purchasing that dream home.


Conventional Home Loans

With conventional loans you are assured to enjoy the following;

  • A low down payment rate of 3%.
  • Zero lender fee charges.
  • The rates of interest are lower as long as the credit score is approved.
  • The mortgage terms come with the flexibility of between 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.
  • Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is reduced as compared to FHA loans.


Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans

Below are some of the benefits enjoyed under this program;

  • The rate of the down payment is just only 3.5% which is comparatively low.
  • Qualifying for the loan is easy since the down payment required is not hefty.
  • Interest rates are low thus appealing to most clients who desire to purchase a home.
  • Availability of loan rehabs.
  • In order to qualify for the loan, one requires the highest debt to loan income ratio.


VA Loans 

Listed below are the benefits you will reap from the veteran affairs loan subject to eligibility;

  • Financing of the loan is at 100%
  • For veterans, there is no mortgage insurance.
  • Qualifying for a VA loan is easier.
  • The closing costs of a VA loan are lower whilst bearing in mind that its rates are amazing.


USDA Home Loans 

The benefits you will enjoy after qualifying for the USDA home loan include;

  • Financing up to a tune of 100%.
  • A down payment is not required.
  • Under the USDA, rates of interest are low.


Long term rapport with our clients is our primary goal. We accomplish this by providing services that are unmatched as make sure that your information which is at our disposal is safe and kept private.

We encourage our clients to directly engage our experts who have a wide range of knowledge in matters mortgage and you will never go wrong.

It is worth for our clients to note that we have been giving services which are award-winning for a long period which spurns more than 17 years. Our interest rates are also the lowest. 

Visit our offices today or contact us at https://prodigylending.com for more information. 


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