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We are a team of prodigious mortgaging experts in Dallas and the United States. We encompass our clients on a one to one process of engagement in determining their financial decisions regarding what mortgage program to go for and which suits them the best. Our remarkable mortgage professionals work together with the clients in order to give them the most satisfying answers to their loan questions. The clients will be advised on the type of loan, interest rate, refinancing options as they go get the house of their dreams. Our client will get a service that offers a loan made-to-order their specific loan demands.


Consider the loan that suits you best

This mortgage is not offered or secured by the Government. They are offered and guaranteed by private enterprises like banks or government-sponsored entities like Fannie May. There is a 3% down payment; no 100% financing, higher interests compared to the FHA loans. Reasonable credit scores from 680, low Debt to income ratio (DTI), one of the key advantages is the fixed interest rates because of the long term programs available up to 30%.

  • USDA Rural Housing Service Loans

They are offered and guaranteed by the government to facilitate and housing in rural areas. There is 100% direct loan financing for low-income earners with very low-interest rates, there’s no down payment for USDA loans and one must be a US resident.

They are government-backed loans for US military servicemen, veterans and eligible surviving spouses of the servicemen and veterans. No down payment is required, no mortgage insurance required, there is 100% financing.

  • Get a low-cost mortgage at Prodigy Lending

We offer the lowest mortgage facilities in the market subject to market trends. We strive to offer our clients the best loans at modest rates. You can get to apply for a home loan, project refinancing or an extra loan for your needs.

Our major objective is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our dear clients. We seek to work with our clients on a personal level to ensure they get the loan facility of their choice. We promise to keep safe your information divergent from other entities in the mortgaging business. We are a respected and confidential company with a reputation of more than 17 years with awards being a force to reckon with.

Our teams of experts are at your peril to answer your entire question. Feel free to engage us in all our contact platforms. We are here to work with you. 


Award-winning entity for the best work environment in the US

We have received this award over the past eight years. We make every effort to be the best working environment and we look forward to more awards.

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